Poplar Siding

Our Poplar siding profile has two faces (the same as for SYP): V-joint on one side and shiplap on the other side, which allows to offer two products in one.



WellDone Siding is factory oiled with Thompson Clear oil to protect product against fading under direct sunlight. The thermo-treated wood is used to make decking and siding, so it will be naturally protected against decay.  To maintain the original color and appearance of the product, we recommend to finish it at least once a year.  Use oil based water sealer for decks (Thompson's as an option) with UV protection.



Wood products made from thermo-treated wood are naturally protected against rot and decay for 35 years under roof and 25 years outdoors, nevertheless the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed.  Use Installation Instruction which also describes the maintenance of the product. 

Manufacturing of thermo-treated wood at our Westwood Thermo-Treatment Plant in Georgia


More information about thermo-treated wood and thermo-treated wood products is on our website: www.thermotreatedwood.com

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