WellDone Premium Oak decks are domestically made from real hardwood - American Oak, which is durable due to our patented thermo-treatment process for 25 years with no any chemicals added.


Thermo-treated WellDone natural Oak decking highly superior to any other decking materials in the market. To mill WellDone decks we use pure wood (Oak), which was thermally treated (“cooked”) under extremely high temperatures 400 degree F. The main reason for thermo-treated woods’ durability and dimension stability is the natural molecular changes that occur when wood undergoes the targeted temperatures during the process. More specifically, the polysaccharides and resins (food for fungi) are removed during this high temperature stage, which causes the wood to not rot and decay. Also, the wood substantially reduces moisture related shrinking and swelling and it repeals moisture on molecular level.



WellDone decks are carefully milled for uniformity, perfectly end-trimmed and defected to Clear grade and are wire brushed to accent the beauty of wood grain and to make a textured anti-slip surface.



The thermo-treatment process enhances the color of the wood creating an even brown tint that is consistent beyond the surface. Chemicals are never used during the thermo-treatment process, so the material remains environmentally safe. You and your children can walk barefoot across a thermo-treated Oak deck with certainty and peace of mind that the surface is free from harmful chemicals.


Four-Sides Factory Oiling Advantages:

  • Makes product ready to use;
  • Prevents fading of color under sunlight;
  • Prevents seasonal surface checking;
  • Makes wood grain sound and attractive;
  • Our FOUR sides oiling saves money on surface oiling on-site;
  • oiling of the backside is extremely important to increase the lifetime and performance of decking.


4-Sides Oiled WellDone Thermo-Treated Premium Oak Decking (per LF)

SKU: 33116
    • Manufactured using chemical free techniques (no chemicals added) and is 100% Green and recyclable
    • Wood becomes naturally durable for 25+ years (we offer a 25 year limited residential warranty)
    • Dimensional stability increased 5-10 times
    • Product requires less maintenance (it is a low maintenance product)
    • Dramatically reduced warping and cracking
    • Light in weight
    • This Oak decking has attractively accented wood grain patterns and even brown coloring of walnut wood that is consistent to the center of the wood
    • Precise manufacturing: using strict quality control measures and only the highest graded wood of top quality; WellDone decking is carefully milled for uniformity
    • The boards are wire brushed to accent the beauty of wood grain and to make a textured anti-slip surface
    • Reduced combustibility (Class B fire rating)
    • Naturally resistant to termites
    • Versus pressure-treated softwood: WellDone is 100% Green product, doesn’t crack, shrink and swell as pressure-treated lumber
    • Versus composite: WellDone is not overheating under sunlight and it is a real wood
    • Versus exotic woods: WellDone is much lighter in weight, easier to work with, more stable in sizes and better in appearance
    • WellDone Oak decks are priced at the same level as composite decks, cheaper than exotic, and more expensive than pressure-treated pine decks
    • WellDone Oak is a natural wood and can be installed in the same way as any wood deck (screws, clips), oiling is strongly recommended – see Installation Instruction for details
    • Janka Hardness – 1,300 Lb; weight - 3.0 Lb/sq. ft.