Premium SYP WellDone decks are durable for 35 years due to our patented thermo-treatment process. This process uses extremely high temperatures 400 degrees F with no chemicals added. Unlike pressure-treatment WellDone Decks are 100% Green product. The thermo-treatment changes wood on a molecular level to make it durable and dimensionally stable. The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is reduced to 4-6%. The treatment burns poly-sugars and makes wood water repellent on a molecular level; thermo-treated wood becomes naturally durable and stable. The wood changes color to gold tint that is consistent beyond the surface.


We thermo-treat Clear (Prime) Grade SYP, then carefully mill boards and in addition, we wire brush face of the boards to accent the beauty of wood grain and to make a textured anti-slip surface. Then we apply wood oil with UV protection to all four sides.



Versus pressure-treated decks: WellDone Decking is 100% Green product, doesn’t crack, shrink and swell as pressure-treated lumber.



Versus composite: WellDone Decking is not overheating under sunlight and it is a real wood.



Versus exotic woods: WellDone Decking is much lighter in weight, easier to work with, more stable in sizes and better in appearance.



WellDone Decking is priced at the same level as pressure-treated kiln-dried SYP decks and are much cheaper than exotics and composite. 



WellDone Decking is the natural wood product and can be installed with self-tapping screws down; hidden clips (require biscuit-jointer to make small groves) or tiger claw clips. We recommended re-oiling once in 1-2 years to prevent UV fading and seasonal surface checking.








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4-Sides Oiled Thermo-Treated WellDone Pine Decking (per LF)

SKU: 51140
    • Well Done Decking is naturally durable for 35 years due to our thermo-treatment process;
    • Dimensional stability increased 5-10 times;
    • Product requires less maintenance;
    • Dramatically reduced warping and cracking;
    • Light in weight (2.5 lbs/SF);
    • Reduced combustibility (Class B fire rating);
    • Improved resistance to termites; 
    • Janka Hardness – 900 Lbf.



    • Makes product ready to use;
    • Prevents fading of color under sunlight; 
    • Prevents seasonal surface checking;
    • Makes wood grain sound and attractive;
    • Our free FOUR sides oiling saves you $2-4/SF which contractors usually charge for ONE-side surface oiling on site; oiling of the back side is extremely important to increase a lifetime of your decking.