Two faces profile - T&G V-joint on one side and T&G Ship-Lap on the other side. 


Siding is four sides factory oiled (no needed additional oiling after installation).



The thermo-treatment process uses extremely high temperatures - 400 degrees F with no chemicals added. It changes wood on a molecular level to make it durable and dimensionally stable. The treatment burns poly-sugars and makes wood water repellent on a molecular level; therefore thermo-treated wood is naturally durable and stable. The color of the wood is consistent beyond the surface.



  • Prime Grade Thermo-Treated SYP

  • 100% Green

  • 7/8” x 5.25” (5" coverage)

  • Naturally durable due to thermo-treatment

  • 25-year Warranty

  • Dimensional stability increased 5-10 times

  • Less maintenance

  • Light in weight (2.5 Lbs/SF)

  • EMC reduced to 2-4%

  • Reduced combustibility (Class B fire rating)

  • Improved resistance to termites

  • Janka Hardness – 900 Lbf.

  • 4-sides factory oiled



4-Sides Oiled Thermo-treated SYP WellDone siding T&G profile 7/8"x5"

  • Siding is 8', 10' and 12' depends on the availability