Rolled-out RV outdoor rugs (Roll Floor) are a simple and effective solution to cover uncomfortable areas with eco-friendly a wood mini-deck. Our RV outdoor rugs are made with outdoor rated and environmentally safe thermo-treated hardwood (known as thermowood) protected against decay for 25-years. Our camping pads Roll Floor are a 100% Green wood product - we do not use any chemicals to protect the wood fiber - timber becomes naturally protected and looks like a walnut by proprietarily high-temperature treatment in special chambers. To make our mats we fasten thermo-treated wood planks together with ecologically friendly EPDM backing rubber strips. Roll Floor (RV outdoor rugs) are designed to cover any flat surface with a much more comfortable natural wood floor (mini-deck).


Rolled out RV outdoor mats have a lot of application, such as patio mats, mini-decks for barbeque areas, cover areas around the pool, flooring for basements, porch rugs, use them on balconies, renew your old deck just to cover with our wood mats, use them as doormats, create pathways in your garden - use Roll Floor mats as a permanent or temporary solution, outdoors and indoors.

32 in. x 42 in. bathroom/outdoor rugs - non-slip wood mats (brown)

  • - RV and camping mats are made from 100% Green thermo-treated hardwood

    - Camping mats are finished with protective oil against UV degradation (it is recommended to re-finish mats with any outdoor oil every 1-2 years).

    - Thermo-treatment makes wood durable for 25-years with no chemicals (100% "Green" product) - you can step barefoot on your RV mats.

    - Put one RV mat next to another to make a desirable length and width.

    - Thermo-treated wood has a natural brown walnut-like color throughout of all its depth - this makes scratches invisible.

    - RV outdoor mats Roll Floors are easy to cut to any specific length.

    - Camping mats are easy to roll in and keep them in a vertical or horizontal position for storage.

    - Camping mats are lightweight (14 lb.).

    - Wood battens are 1/2 in. x 5 in. and connected with outdoor rated rubber strips on the back.

    - Each camping pad covers 9.5 sq. ft. (32 in. x 42 in.)

    - 6 in. x 6 in. x 32 in. when RV mat is rolled in.