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Roll Floor area rugs features 


  • Use our Roll Floor mats indoor and outdoor on top of concrete, ceramic tiles, grass, old decks, sand, boardwalks, even on top of carpet and hardwood floor.

  • Floor mars are not sliding on any surface, like ceramic, cement or wooden floors, not leaving marks.

  • Use them as camping pads, patio mats, RV outdoor rugs, bathroom rugs, tiolet mats, for gardens, pool areas, outdoor kitchens, balconies, basements, etc. 

  • Our wood floor mats can be placed together to make a desirable length and width of runner. They are not sliding beed placed side to side.

  • Thermo-treatment makes wood durable for 25-years with no any chemicals (100% "Green" product) – you can step barefoot on our roll mat – use them as bathroom rugs and for any outdoor activity.

  • Thermo-treated wood has a natural brown mahogany or walnut like color through out of all its depth - this makes scratches invisible

  • Our rugs are easy to cut to specific length.

  • Easy to roll-in and keep it in vertical or horizontal position for storage.

  • Oak mat is stronger, Gum mat is lighter - pick the right one depends on your applications.

  • Light weight of Roll Floor mats (7 lb. for Gum and 8 lb. for Oak) makes them very convinient for transportation and carry on.

  • Each roll mat covers 6 sq. ft. (2 ft. x 3 ft.)

  • 6 in. x 6 in. x 24 in. when RollFloor mat is rolled-in



Don’t use on bumpy surfaces, like ground, pebble, loose sand, or anyway when you feel that the weight will exceed the strength of wooden planks.  Roll Floors are not suitable for structural applications. 

As Roll Floors are not sliding on surfaces, put together several units to create a length and width for your needs.



Roll Floors are factory finished with eco-friendly oil to protect product against fading under direct sunlight. The thermo-treated wood is used to make Roll Floors to be naturally protected against decay.  To maintain the original color and appearance of the product, we recommend to finish it at least once a year.  Use any outdoor finish oil for decks with UV protection.



Roll Floors are made from thermo-treated hardwood, which is naturally protected against rot and decay for 25 years, nevertheless the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed. If you find any manufacturing defect please contact us immediately at our website We hope you’ll enjoy the product for a long time.



Manufacturing of thermo-treated wood at our Westwood Thermo-Treatment Plant in Georgia


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Download Roll Floor area rugs Brochure
Warranty for wood used for bathroom mats and camping pad
25-years Waranty

More information about thermo-treated wood and thermo-treated wood products is on our website:

Wood mat roll floor area rugs floor mat logo Westwood - bathroom rug, bathroom rugs, bathroom mats, bathroom floor mats, toilet mat, roll mat, wood mat
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